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Andalusia the perfect venue to enjoy custom tailored teambuilding and incentives. Teambuilding and Incentives in Marbella, Málaga and Andalucia.

Super Olympics

Super Olympics Action. Groups divided into teams play against each other...
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The Artists

Team members have to use their artistic and creative skills to produce their best artwork...
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Corporate Regatta

Teambuilding par excellence! Sailing Regatta with strategies and goals to build stronger relationships...
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Drum Circle

A classic group drumming and percussion exercise that brings everyone together! ...
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Flash Mop

This dance event are gaining popularity throughout the world...
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Jeep Rally 4X4 GPS

Teams complete the route through winding mountain trails and back roads...
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Lip Dub

Do a Video playback and plan the movements to the beat of a song....
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Olympics Games

Teams which will compete among each other in different prearranged activities...
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Orientation Race

A competetive group activity where teams must locate hidden items in an outdoor setting with map and compass...
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Rally White Village

Pre-programmed route to navigate through secondary mountain roads and typical white-washed towns...
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Robinson Crusoe

Receive a special supply kit containing all the necessary materials in order to construct a base camp...
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Teamwork Challenge

Teamwork is the key to solve different tasks which include the Spider Web, Handcuffs, the Human Chain, Ants on a Log...
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Treasure Hunt

A fun & interesting way to discover the local history and unique facts about any town or city...
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Winery Challenge

A fun event that promotes creativity, cooperation and team building...
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Teambuilding and Incentives in Marbella, Málaga and Andalucia.

Team4you create Outdoor training to companies and incentives groups. All of our Outdoor training programmes are extremely flexible and can be presented at a time and venue of your choice, to directly fit in with your current training needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to create a bespoke solution to fit your exact needs and objectives. Below is some of the outdoor training we have available to offer you.


The goal of our teambuilding programs is to utilize challenging and interactive activities as tools for teaching valuable communication and problem solving skills, building a strong foundation of trust, and creating an environment that fosters creativity and healthy risk-taking. Team4you make your event fun and memorable. All of our corporate teambuilding activities are create to enhance the effectiveness of team performance.


Treasure Hunts, Create a craft, Photo Safaris, Robinson Crusoe, Olympics, 4×4 GPS Jeep Rally, GPS Car Rally Tours, Drum Circles, Painting Team, Multiactivities, Teambuilding Games, Tapas Tour, GPS Bike Rally, Map & Compass Treks, etc.

A Challenge for Leaders

A challenge for leaders of groups of people, such as in a work department, is to get everyone to pull together and function as a team instead of going in separate directions. One way to foster teamwork is to engage the members in activities that require them to work together.


Activities can be physical in nature or require the use of team brain power to solve a problem. Part of the challenge of developing teamwork is to get team members to become comfortable with each other.


Fun activities such as sports or games can allow the team members to relax and have fun while developing the rapport necessary to function as a unit.


Examples teamwork activities include team sports, where everyone is responsible for a task. Outdoor activities are a way for the team to get away from the “normal” environment.

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