Teambuilding, Outdoor Adventures & Corporate Events Marbella

Place: city of your chose

Difficulty: suitable for all the public

Duration: 2–3h

Group Size: Min. 20 pax / max. 400 pax

Required: Comfortable clothes

Language: Spanish, English, French

Availability: all year around


A fun and delicious way to savor Spanish culture.

A fun and delicious way to savor Spanish culture, atmosphere and customs the way Spaniards do, while at the same time discovering the hidden corners of Andalucia´s major cities and towns that are off the beaten tourist path!

Groups will have to put their orientation skills and intelligence to the test while they trek around the city´s old quarter on foot with the help of a GPS device, a local map and a roadbook. Mandatory rest stops at pre-established check points (local bars & restaurants 6 Tapas and 3 drink) will give participants a chance to take a needed break while enjoying regional “tapas” and wines and some time to answer questions and solve the riddles contained in their roadbook with the help of locals.

At the end of the day winning teams will be announced based on how well they answered all of the questions.

  • Setting & coordination
  • Insurance
  • Professional instructors
  • All needed material
  • Lisence & permission
  • Photo reportage
  • Video
  • Bus transfer
  • BBQ final

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