Teambuilding, Outdoor Adventures & Corporate Events Marbella

Place: Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona

Difficulty: all age

Age: 5+

Duration: 4–12h

Group Size: Min. 4 pax / max. 40 pax

Required: Comfortable clothes

Language: Spanish, English, French

Availability: all year around


deep sea fishing

Take our word for it. Nothing combines the beauty of nature with the adrenaline rush of an adventue sport like deep sea fishing.

Marbella has a fabulous variety of fishing options all year round. Close to the fabled Strait of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, the meeting of warm and cold waters attract schools of fish that are the perfect bait for some of the larger game found in the deep sea areas. These include migratory fish such as swordfish and various species of tuna including Bluefin Tuna, Black Skipjack, Atlantic Bonito and Frigate Tuna.

  • Boat with capitan
  • Fishing material
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Fotoreport
  • Insurance
    Professional guide
    Commercial activity license
  • Transfer to the activity
  • Lunch on board
  • Kip the fish
  • Cocktails

Photo Gallery

Bluefin Tuna are renowned for their size and speed and represent an exciting challenge, while Dentex is another popular fish found during spring as they enjoy the warmer waters. The Gilt-head Bream, a blue-green inshore fish is perfect for winter months, and are relatively easy to catch along the coast, making them perfect for beginners, while those who want more of a challenge will search for Swordfish in the deeper waters.

A deep-sea fishing trip is a perfect way to spend the day with family and friends. Everyone is welcome aboard - from novice to experienced anglers, to corporate groups and families – and we provide all the necessary fishing supplies including snacks and refreshments. The captain and crew will guide you through the basic steps of the challenging world of deep-sea fishing, making sure that you have a memorable and enjoyable day of deep-sea fishing!