Teambuilding, Outdoor Adventures & Corporate Events Marbella

Place: Sierra de las Nieves, Andalucia

Difficulty: rom Beginners

Age: 6+

Duration: 3–4h

Group Size: Min. 6 pax / max. 40 pax

Required: Comfortable shoes or hiking boots and comfortable clothes

Language: Spanish, English, French

Availability: all year around


half-day walking tour through Nature and Amazing Sights

Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Marbella stye and come hike with us! Team4you are experts at taking you off the beaten track. On a half-day walking tour through the great outdoors, you’ll get to experience nature “up close and personal”. The environmentally friendly and educational activity allows to discover the undisturbed natural beauty around Marbella. Fascinating flora includes Wild Tulips, Cotton Lavender, Sun Roses and the Large Mediterranean Spruge. The hike will take you through olive groves, as well as fig trees, almond trees, cork and the unique and rare Pinsapo or Spanish Fir.

  • Fotoreport
  • Insurance
  • Professional guide
  • Commercial activity license
  • Transfer to the activity
  • Private trip
  • Mix with other activity

Photo Gallery

With their intimate knowledge of the local environment, the Team4you can provide a unique insight into the fascinating wildlife that surrounds you. Deer, Ibex, foxes and wild boar are all waiting to be discovered, while Twitchers will adore the abundant bird life includes eagles, herons, hawks and partridge. It’s a bugs’ life too with brilliant butterflies, beetles, spiders and caterpillars providing that small is both beautiful and fascinating too!

Head Into the Wild with Team4you and hike through scenery that will take your breath away, while breathing in the unspoilt air and enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of beautiful. A complete reboot for mind, body and soul!