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Aquaskipping Marbella

Place: Andalucia

Difficulty: Beginners

Age: 8+

Duration: 2–3h

Group Size: Min. 4 pax / max. 40 pax

Required: Comfortable shoes or hiking boots and comfortable clothes

Language: Spanish, English, French

Availability: all year around

Aquaskipping Marbella

Ever wanted to walk on water

Experience Aquaskipping Ever wanted to walk on water? Come and try this new water sport with an aquaskipper, the world’s first "human powered hydrofoil". A human-powered hydrofoil is a small hydrofoil watercraft propelled entirely by the muscle power of its operator by bouncing, to use flapping wing propulsion. Hydrofoils are the fastest water-based vehicles propelled solely by human power. They can reach speeds of up to 34 km/h. Aquaskipper near Marbella. Sessions can be coupled with other fun activities and sports to keep you entertain all day long!

  • Fotoreport
  • Life jacket
  • Insurance
  • Professional guide
  • Commercial activity license
  • 59€ per person
  • Transfer to the activity
  • Private trip
  • Mix with other activity
  • Water Shoes

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