Outdoor Activities & Adventures Marbella

Place: Hotel gardens, Beach, private property, etc...

Difficulty: suitable for all the public

Duration: 2–3h

Group Size: Min. 30 pax / max. 400 pax

Required: Comfortable clothes

Language: Spanish, English, French

Availability: all year around


highly entertaining and competitive challenge

The Winery Team Challenge begins with an informative wine tasting session and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making & Marketing challenge. Participants will be split up into teams that will represent different wineries. They will create their own brand name & logo and set their tables for their final presentation which must include a song about their great new sangria. Lastly, the team with the best tasting sangria will be announced. Prizes will be awarded in the different categories; the winner of the Sangria Trivia Contest, the team with the best Marketing Campaign and the team with the best tasting Sangria. The Winery Team Challenge is a fun event that encourages creativity, cooperation, team building and bonding in order to come up with the best product and the most creative marketing campaign.

  • Setting & coordination
  • Insurance
  • Professional instructors
  • All needed material
  • Lisence & permission
  • Foto reportage
  • Video
  • Bus transfer
  • BBQ final

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