Corporate Trekking

Perfectly Surveyed Routes

Get into full contact with Mother Nature, without obstacles, without vehicles interposing between her and you. If you take pleasure walking and breaking new ground, we provide various timed and perfectly surveyed routes going through beautiful spots, including Nature Parks, in the region. Along the routes we’ll have marked points of interest, like springs or other interesting information. You’ll be able to see examples of the Iberian fauna and will learn to distinguish plants and trees. Excursions will be structured depending on their difficulty; whether they consist of climbing summits, or of easily accessible paths. It is of great success to climb 'La Concha' top, at the back side of Marbella, where we get after two and a half hours aproximately from 'Refugio de Juanar'.

  • Difficulty: Climbing summits to easily accessible paths
  • Group Size: Maximum 150 persons
  • Price: please contact

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