Kayak Trip

Canoeing Lake of Istan

After getting a basic instructions try out both canoes and kayaks (Sit-On-Tops Kayaks or Indian Canoe) at the lake of Istan only 10 mins away from Marbella, unique spot in the area with such a breathtaking nature setting. There is something quite magical about being out on the water in your canoe. Whether you are on flat water, white water, lake or the sea canoeing the pleasures and fun are never ending. Canoeing and kayaking can be coupled with other fun activities and sports to keep you entertain all day long! A fantastic way to paddle-sports and the friendly designs make them easy to paddle and lots of fun.

  • Place: The Lake of Istan
  • Durations: 2-3 hours
  • Price: 59€ / person

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